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mmSeason elsewhere

Some of my work is available on the internet in other places than the Travel Hopefully Blog – not much yet but just wait and see! I’ll keep this page updated with links as things go up.

(Never fear, i won’t link to every single twitfic and twitpoem i put up on Twitter. Follow me (@mmSeason) if you don’t want to miss any at all; sometimes i join in with #poetwist. But if someone else decides my tweet is worth broadcasting, i will list it here.)



  • ‘Wasp in my glass’ in Quill & Parchment February 2011 (available to everyone, using the username ‘Pink’ and password ‘Heart’)
  • ‘December day’ in Quill & Parchment December 2010 (viewable by subscribers only, until June 2011 when it becomes six months old)
  • ‘Kiss’ and ‘Point’ in ouroboros review Issue 3


Only the titles are mine! Nick Faber, Jeremy S Griffin and Jenny Nicholson write the stories to exactly a hundred words at Name Your Tale. Quite a standard they set themselves.

I’ve had to delist two stories, ‘Mother’ and ‘Balloons’, and my review of the iRex iLiad Book Edition ebook reader, because they appeared at Digital Fiction Show which no longer exists. And ‘Dark potential’ at Once There Was, which also no longer exists.

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  1. Tuesday 5 January 2010 6.15 pm

    Just dropped by to say Happy New Year!

    • Tuesday 9 February 2010 2.39 pm

      Caroline, i’ve only just seen this! Sorry! If WordPress emailed me, i was reading someone else’s emails that day… Happy New February. 🙂

      • Tuesday 9 February 2010 7.02 pm

        Thank you, Mand!

  2. Tuesday 5 January 2010 11.12 am

    The blog is looking nice, mand.

    • Tuesday 5 January 2010 5.47 pm

      Thanx, Yoke! Good to see you here. :0)

  3. Thursday 11 June 2009 9.47 pm

    I tend to list my published poems rather than to post them. I do occasionally post a poem on my Coastcard blog if I am experimenting with a new form etc.

    I have a link to a few other examples of my poems, which you can find on the right hand side of the page listed below, under the heading ‘Work (& listings) on the web’:

    I look forward to seeing your list grow!

    • Thursday 11 June 2009 9.48 pm

      Sorry, your box deleted my url. Take 2:

      • Friday 12 June 2009 10.20 am

        Aha. Now i can saunter along and have a read. 80)
        Didn’t expect many poems to be just sitting there for the taking. ;0)

        (I look forward to seeing my list grow, too!)

  4. Wednesday 10 June 2009 7.59 pm

    I am finding a blog is very helpful for a publication list. I shall be interested to see how yours grows and develops over time. (Mine is accessed via website above … via link to Publications blog).

    • Thursday 11 June 2009 3.52 pm

      Welcome to the Travel Hopefully Blog, Caroline!
      You have a good-looking website. (I love your puffin squawking at the camera.) Do you put your poetry up there?

      My list will grow a bit next month, i happen to know. ;0)

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