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You’ve arrived here most likely by following a link within my blog.

I’ll continue adding to this glossary as i use terms, abbreviations and acronyms that i think not everyone will be familiar with. If you come across something that means nothing to you, let me know by leaving a comment, and i’ll explain AND add an entry to this list.

Names of real people are disguised by subtle or unsubtle alteration of vowels, consonants, syllable count, and pronunciation.

BO = Born Organised

BTW = By The Way

Catdog = our lovable lurcher who, being a predator who thinks she’s a cushion, is at least as much moggy as hound

Friend-Across-the-Road = almost exactly Tigger’s age

Friend-Across-the-Road’s Brother = four years younger

Friend-Next-Door = about four years older than Tigger (how’s that for numeric symmetry?)

Friend-Online-though-Nearby = my own friend more than Tigger’s; for reasons of road design, the six miles (barely 10 km) between us are a twenty-minute drive, which for various other reasons is a usually-impassable barrier to meeting… and for various reasons unrelated to those previous reasons, we speak on the phone far less often than we email… hence the nickname

Girlfriend = i needn’t define this term, need i? (this is Tall’s, not Tigger’s)

IIRC = If I Remember Correctly

LEA = Local Education Authority

LOL = (doesn’t everyone know this?) Laugh Out Loud (compare rotfl Roll On The Floor Laughing and rotflmho Roll On The Floor Laughing My Head Off, et al.)

SBNE = Simple But Not Easy

Taifeng = my Other Half

Tall = my 16-year-old, at time of writing (born in 1993, to save me updating or rather forgetting to update this every year) – i’m not using real names

TBH = To Be Honest (born sometime in the past)

TCM = Traditional Chinese Medicine

Tigger = my 9-year-old (born in 2000)

YKWIM = You Know What I Mean (also yswimyou see what i mean, and kwim? among other variations)

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