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toad for blogI’m

  • a published poet,
  • a published (in Nanoism) twitfictionist,
  • and a to-be-published (one day (you bet)) writer of other lengths of fiction and some non-fiction.
  • Mother. Friend. Long-lost relative. Dog-owner, and cat-deprived cat-lover. Ex-linguist. Survivor of (in reverse chronological order) rejection by editors; chronic illness; critical illness; critical family members; bereavement; post-traumatic stress; a sheltered childhood. (Looking at that list, it’s more sensational than intended.) Recovered arachnophobe and reformed chocoholic (yes, honest).
  • Attempter of (in no order) crafts; being a history buff; saying posey stuff about art; world reform; daily music practice; and, erm, tidying…

I am not

  • a financier, a stand-up comic, a collector of fragile antiques, a seamstress, or decided as to my views on most things.

I was a BO, but am now a SHE.
I was born somewhere near Ankh-Morpork (Bright Cabbage). I grew up in Cranford.

Everything you see on my blog is © mmSeason (whether or not it carries the ©) unless I mention otherwise. Ask if you’d like to use anything; I’m likely to say yes. And now I’ll shut up about copyright.

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  1. Thursday 17 March 2011 10.54 pm

    Hi mand,

    Thank you for visiting my blog. I look forward to getting to know you. 😉


    P.S. When I see Neil Gaiman in your blogroll, it makes me think of Tori Amos (my favorite musician ever)… because they are friends. 😉

    • Friday 18 March 2011 2.55 pm

      Good to see you here, Jeanne 🙂 and I didn’t know that about Neil Gaiman! Or maybe I did once. Hm…

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