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“The lower half of web pages is very like the lower half of the body”

Thursday 3 June 2010

“I don’t know about you, but my eyes are already trained only to read the top half of a web page these days. Rather as a Victorian would not look below the waist, I do not let my eyes have even a second’s contact with the revolting Have Your Say or Comments section of a BBC site, a YouTube page or any blog or tech forum. The lower half of web pages is very like the lower half of the body — full of all kinds of noxious evil smelling poison. I suppose it has to be expelled somewhere, but you will forgive me for not wanting to be close by when it happens.”

~ Stephen Fry
in his blog, the New Adventures of Stephen Fry

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  1. Monday 5 July 2010 4.17 pm

    Yes, I’ve read before that a frighteningly large percentage of web users rarely or never scroll down a web page, so it’s vital to stuff as much info about yourself and/or your work into the portion that’s visible as possible. Something I rarely take my own advice on… *rolls eyes*

    • Monday 5 July 2010 5.48 pm

      Me too! It’s meant to be like journalistic writing, shove everything that matters into the top sentence and expand gradually (unlike my waistline, which isn’t managing ‘gradual’) – as opposed to fiction, which needs the dénouement at the end and only hints as it opens. Ah me, so many targets to aim for. 😉

  2. Thursday 3 June 2010 3.48 pm

    lol, this is a great quote. though i’m not sure everything on lower half of web pages is ALL bad. i understand though what he’s saying. hope all is well. have a great day.

    • Thursday 3 June 2010 5.51 pm

      No, not everything… but an awful lot, when the blogpost is controversial or just bold. WordPress allows me to edit your comment as well as my own – I’ve never had to yet, which is great, even though it’s only evidence of how widely-read the Travel Hopefully Blog is not. 😉

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