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An unfairness i hadn’t thought deeply about

Wednesday 19 May 2010

Pregnancy is a long way behind me now, and while i know a little about the problems fat and obese people have trying to be fairly treated by the medical community (who often assume you cannot be BOTH overweight AND healthy), i simply hadn’t thought – much – about the complications of being pregnant while fat. I don’t mean the health complications, i mean the complicated and often upsetting squabbles conversations with doctors and midwives.

This post on First Do No Harm sums it up beautifully.

I offer this link for you to gawp at, prod, take photos of to show your mates, exclaim at, give sideways looks to, wonder about… and reflect upon. Especially if you still feel it’s weird to be comfortable above the average weight for your height but not at all strange to be comfortable below the average weight. (I say ‘feel’, not ‘think’, because there’s a big interval between getting something, intellectually, and feeling it to be true; i’m still only at the think level, haven’t mastered feel.) But mostly if you are about to believe some doctor who tells you your preferred method of birth or anything else can’t be done. I am schooling my sons that you can’t tell how much someone knows what they’re talking about just by the amount of qualifications they have.

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  1. Wednesday 19 May 2010 5.20 pm

    i think some doctors have been so trained at doing no harm that they sometimes do it by word of mouth. i’m pleased i don’t have a doctor that falls in that norm. he explains things quite well and doesn’t make you feel as though you should treat your health his way. he gives you options and allows you to think about what direction you want to go in. if more doctors would trust you know your body better than they do then we’d get better medical treatment/s. i wouldn’t trade any of our doctors for anything. we’ve been very fortunate to have good ones.

    have a great day.

    • Thursday 20 May 2010 1.30 pm

      That’s what ‘informed consent’ means, surely – not only being told the options but being given information on what they really mean, to the individual, beyond a dictionary definition. I’m lucky with most of the doctors i see now (not that i collect doctors or anything but i have several more than just my GP!), but better still, i can spot when the wool-pulling begins. It’s the people who haven’t had to learn this the hard way who are vulnerable to it, of course, and that bothers me.

      I’m glad your doctor’s so good. I think you’re right, trust is what it takes.

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