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Toilet Roll Rhyme

Monday 10 May 2010

We all know that as methods of nagging go, humour is one of the better ones. And i once read (it could have been in ‘The Explosive Child’, ‘How to Talk So Children Will Listen & Listen So Children Will Talk’, or another similar) that writing a note can be more effective than asking.

I’ve found this to be true as long as it’s not over-used. And recently… this one worked.  😉


Please bear in mind that other folks,
who love your songs and love your jokes,
don’t love your heap of tissue.
So when you use the bathroom bin,
be sure to get those snotties in,
ere it becomes an issue.

Please notice, don’t fall prey to distraction,
and when you notice, then take action,
for people really mind
the bits that didn’t inside drop
but sit conspicuous on the top –
and even down behind.

Consider that the next loo-sitter
should not have to pick up litter
left by some careless chappy.
It only takes an extra mo
to get the stuff where it should go
and everyone is happy!

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  1. Tuesday 18 May 2010 11.59 pm

    perfect… i hate a messy bathroom too. when you go to a public restroom you shouldn’t have to pick up after the one before you. hope all is well. have a great night.

    • Wednesday 19 May 2010 2.11 pm

      Welcome here, Naquillity – i see we have some online friends in common. Thanx for your comment, see you again. 🙂

  2. Monday 10 May 2010 2.46 pm

    Quite clever and funny….thanks for sharing it.

    • Monday 10 May 2010 3.38 pm

      Thank you, SLP(?)! And welcome to the Travel Hopefully Blog. I’ve just been having a look round yours – love your poetry. I will say hello properly when i’ve had a read properly. 🙂

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