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Happenstance entertains us

Thursday 11 March 2010

It was a surprise to notice traffic coming to the humble little Travel Hopefully Blog from the great n famous Specifically from a search on the phrase ‘5 dangerous minibeasts’ – where my blogpost ‘Minibeasts of ignominy’ is the second hit (of about 1,040, apparently, woohoo), after a book on Amazon. Surely i’m not perceived as one of the world’s greatest authorities on bugs, with my houseflies and impertinent snails?

Closer examination reveals that the search engine is picking up, as well as the word minibeasts which must be used by thousands on the internet every day, the phrase ‘Five dangerous things’ from the Parently section of my sidebar (which is a great video, btw).

Exactly the kind of accidental absurdity that amuses me. Just like picking the palette for a sunset, when fate’s going for a laugh rather than breathtaking beauty, every so often it comes up with a real Yes! moment.

Despite this exalted connection, my visitor stats are dipping as i’ve been letting things slide lately, though there are still more of you than i deserve. More on that, another time.

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