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Cool versus cringeful © mmSeason

Friday 5 March 2010

I’m sure you have been sitting fidgeting as you wait for another long essay on the Travel Hopefully Blog. It must be very difficult wondering what profound and substantial theme i will take apart next, and when. Impatience can be paralysing.

I’d say sorry, but i quite like the image i’m visualising here, my Dear Reader suffering and restless, twitching with anticipation. All because of me and my target of blogging at least weekly, which lately i’m failing to meet. 😉 So you have to tap your fingers and grind your teeth a little longer before you’ll see the next lengthy composition.

For today, tolerate this note on the intractability of my muse and its conflict with my self-appraisal on the universally (and inwardly) influential scale of Cool. (And yes, this does scan, if you read it right. 😐 )

Cool versus cringeful

Eschewing cute-n-fluffy, I
– however desp’rately I try –
still find it too inspiring,
write baby, bumble bee, and bunny.

I see you smirk. But it’s not funny.
(In fact I find it tiring.)

© 2010 mmSeason

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