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Dark Potential © mmSeason

Wednesday 24 February 2010

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that this story, which is all of 300 words, would be appearing at Once There Was, and today it’s up. I still feel the piece’s REAL title is out there waiting for me to recognise it. Enjoy it anyway. Kind of.

Dark Potential

The Travel Hopefully Blog’s sidebar needs updating – just noticed i haven’t added a link to Once There Was, though the Bearded Lady is there (who is Georgina Bruce, of Once There Was). I will add it and a lot more soonish. Not today. For today, have a look at the Bearded Lady’s little oddities. After mine, of course.  😉

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  1. David Keough permalink
    Saturday 2 June 2012 12.45 am

    Once upon a time, about 2008, the Bearded Lady commented on another’s blog about what was the least literary town in Britain. Others had offered candidates, only to be negated by affirmations of literary connections. She asked, what about Barrow on Furness? I suppose time heals all wounds. I offer for consideration Ron McLarty’s The Dropper (US publication, April, 2012), set in that very town. I would ask locals if he captured the town as of 1922. David Keough, Carlisle, PA, USA

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