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Once There Was flash contest winners

Tuesday 9 February 2010

Once There Was has just announced the winner of its flash competition: Martin Sullivan with ‘The Ouija Switchboard’. His story is up already and the runners-up will be appearing over the next few days. I’m pleased that my story ‘Dark Potential’ will be among them. When it’s posted, i’ll link to it on my mmSeason elsewhere page, of course, which i keep for easy reference.

Once There Was is a project of Georgina Bruce, aka the Bearded Lady, who blogs wonderful fictionettes (and occasional poems) as well as everything else she’s into. They are usually beautiful, often disturbing, and always mind-twistingly imaginative. Hers is a very inspiring blog and Once There Was is well worth a glance too.

They’re running another flash contest in March, so keep an eye out.

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  1. Monday 26 April 2010 10.26 am

    Once There Was seems to have vanished into a black hole and I’m worried I might have missed a re-direct to a new site. Any ideas? I’m scratching my head!

    • Tuesday 27 April 2010 2.58 pm

      Yikes! Oh no! In the last several weeks i haven’t looked at most of the RSS feeds i follow, so thanx for bringing this to my notice.

      Not that i know what to do about it.

      Would perhaps be worth trying to contact Fiona through her Bearded Lady blog, or i will try in a while though not this week probably. At the very worst it’s worth dipping into the stories on that blog.

      I won’t shoot the messenger, though, Fiona – it’s good to see you here. 🙂

      • Wednesday 28 April 2010 7.31 pm

        Thank you! I can certainly try contacting Georgina via her other blog… although that hasn’t been updated lately either. Hope nothing bad has happened to her. 😦

        • Thursday 29 April 2010 11.25 am

          Indeed, i’m hoping all’s well.

  2. thebeardedlady permalink
    Tuesday 9 February 2010 8.21 pm

    Thanks for the link love mand! 🙂

    • Wednesday 10 February 2010 12.10 pm

      My regulars know i only link where i believe in the site. 🙂 And i was delighted to find (and in this post link to) your story on Strange Horizons!

      • Wednesday 10 February 2010 12.57 pm

        Nearly forgot: i was going to suggest you get ‘once there was’ listed on Duotrope’s Digest (link in the Writerly section of my sidebar). If nothing else it will make it easier for me to remember when i submit stories there. 😉

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