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A crow painting

Tuesday 29 December 2009

I found a lovely oil painting of a crow or raven (still thinking about them, since our close encounters) by, i think, RA Rose, not that i’m going to buy it but i can enjoy looking at it online.

Follow the eBay link (while it remains valid) and you’ll find some better pix of it, including close-ups, but for me the information at the bottom of the listing (not the eBay listing but the FindOriginalArtwork listing) is of more interest. I hadn’t known the taxonomic designation of all the crow family was so complex, and i was surprised to read that many species became extinct after human colonisation of their habitats. I’d thought crows in general thrived where we thrive.

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  1. Wednesday 30 December 2009 6.25 pm

    You might enjoy ‘Crow Country’ by Mark Cocker (details on the sidebar of my blog). It was one of my favourite 2009 books.

    Thank you, Mand, for your kind comments on my site. (At least I think I am still on your blog?!).

    • Monday 4 January 2010 11.27 am

      Yes, you are, Caroline – maybe its face has changed since you were here. Good to see you again. :0)

      Mark Cocker’s ‘Birds & People’ project looks exciting. Thanx for the pointer!

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