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And another real-life bloggy thing

Friday 30 October 2009
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Not a resolution, but still a change in thinking: I started with the idea that tagging brings traffic, so i got into the habit of thinking up as many tags as i possibly could for each post.

I am reformed. I now see that i was over-tagging.

OK, perhaps it was justifiable to attach an ‘HG Wells’ tag to my post about an essay that won me acclaim in my schooldays – since it was an essay inspired by HG Wells. Perhaps it was even not too silly to tag with ‘Twitter’ the one about forgetting to tweet, even though it was really about the success that i forgot to tweet and not about the tweeting.

But i really can’t defend tagging the one about the worth of genre fiction with ‘Holst’. If anyone arrived there by searching on that term, they’d be disappointed to find nothing about Holst at all except a throwaway mention of his music as being for the unthinking. Unthinking? That’s what i was.

Using this Vigilance theme emphasises a post’s tags – and emphasises to me how many i use. (Wish it made the Comments link as obvious in an individual blogpost as it does on the blog’s home page; i’ll have to learn CSS editing.) So, i apologise. I apologise to my earlier blogposts for upstaging them with such a cohort of tags. From now on i’ll tag as sparingly as i can.

It wasn’t pulling all that much traffic in this direction, anyway.

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