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Resolutions that weren’t worth making after all

Tuesday 27 October 2009

I resolved to avoid blogging about blogging, when I started out, for the same reason as I avoid writing poems about writing poems.

I was even determined to avoid using the first person. So many blogs become very me, me, me – and the Travel Hopefully Blog has never been about what goes on in my life in any as-it-happens memoir sense. Even Stephen Fry’s Twitter feed turns me off because it is a catalogue of what’s going on day to day. When it’s people I’ve never seen, the writing has to be better than excellent to keep me interested.

So I was determined not to impose that on you and push readers away with it.

And yet you’ll notice rather a lot of ‘I’ in this blogpost today. Yep, I’ve changed my mind. The reasons are fivefold.

  1. In the blogosphere, the character of the individual is part of the deal. Whether they’re about photography, grammar, marketing, crafts, wildlife, or parenting (especially parenting), most of the best blogs let the real person who’s authoring them show through.
  2. snail on plate (2) cropped, fixedInstead of everyday events I decided to write about anything that brought itself to my attention. When it interests me, I offer it here to find out if it interests you. Hence the Travel Hopefully Blog has veered between crochet, poetry, the weather, insects, golems (amusing that golems have been the most searched-for topic)…

  3. Well, blogging also interests me. And I interest me. Not what I had for breakfast or what make of jeans I wear or whether I have toothache, but the twisty path of self-discovery. I’m adding these into the jumble of mumblings and will do my best not to let them bore you.
  4. My online presence has sometimes been very irregular, and when that happens I feel the need to explain. Maybe I don’t need to but indulge me, I’d feel better explaining.
  5. I declared a Bill Hussey review as if it was imminent, but you’ll have to wait because I can’t find it. Without using the first person how could I excuse that?
  6. It’s become increasingly difficult to stick to my original intention.

So there you go. I’m coming out as a human being who lives on Earth. I’ve even put a photo on my Who? Page.

At the same time I’m announcing a new alias for my elder son. ‘Tigger’ for the little one is still apt and confuses no one, but commenting on parenting blogs here and there I’ve found that, when I mention his big brother, ‘Marvin’ is being taken as his real name. As if I would name a child of mine Marvin. His original aka was chosen for its brain-the-size-of-a-planet overtones. Can’t call him Eeyore – that used to be someone else’s nickname, many moons ago. Therefore, from now on he is Tall.

So… welcome to the new-look Travel Hopefully Blog! :0)

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