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The Mosquito Skipping Rhyme © mmSeason

Monday 26 October 2009

With the dampness lately, we’ve had a lot of midges. Too many. And with the warmth, we’ve had bigger insects around here in recent years than i’d seen in this country before.

This (autobiographically-inspired) bit of doggerel would be chanted to accompany playground prancing, say, or a clapping game.

© 2009 mmSeason

Mozzie, mozzie, buzzing round –
Think this is a feast you’ve found?

Mozzie, mozzie, taunting us,
Making folks exclaim and cuss!

Mozzie, mozzie, you can’t sneer –
You should not have come in here.

Mozzie, mozzie, snigger not:
I’ve a book with which to swat!

Mozzie, mozzie on my wall,
Which way will your body fall?

Mozzie, mozzie in my tea –
Struggling will not soften me.

Mozzie, mozzie on my finger,
T’flick away I shall not linger…

Mozzie, mozzie, now compost:
I’ll forget your humming ghost.

Mozzie, mozzie had to win!
You’ve left us with itchy skin!

4 Comments leave one →
  1. Monday 26 October 2009 8.34 pm

    Oh I hate the whine of a mosquito in my room at night, waiting for me to sleep. I could never be a buddhist!

    • Tuesday 27 October 2009 11.35 am

      I actually got bitten by an ordinary (and sleepy) housefly yesterday! Didn’t think they did bite, or sting. Most disgruntled.

  2. Monday 26 October 2009 5.09 pm

    delightful write. i can so easily picture this scene playing out. have a great day.

    • Monday 26 October 2009 6.45 pm

      Thanx Michelle! (And you too.)

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