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Lucky snaps [image-heavy]

Friday 25 September 2009

Bees, apparently, keep wiggling when on a flower in order to dislodge the pollen. They do it on purpose, which may be clever but isn’t fair – if you’re a photographer. Especially one of us amateur types without the fancy lenses and shutter speeds. On DAB Photography Online i’ve just found a pertinent tip: to spray a sugary solution onto the plant. That should keep a bee interested just long enough to photograph her.

Insects in general are not well known as good sitters, so altogether i feel very lucky to have got these shots a couple of weeks ago.

Funny how the colours come out differently with the angle the camera’s at. I know it’s not funny, but it amuses me anyway.

This is one of the whites, but if you can properly identify it i’d love you to let me know in a comment.

Here’s a closer look if it helps:

And this is my favourite of the pictures (twelve in all!) that i took.

But i’m neither a photographer nor an entomologist, and am in awe of the winners of the UK Butterflies 2008 Photography Competition.

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