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Sorry! Have you been waiting long?

Wednesday 5 August 2009

Loyal and (mildly-)despairing readers! You must be devastated – my profoundest apologies. What has become of the Travel Hopefully Blog? – that is the question with which you are tormenting yourselves.

Worry not. Fret not. Hopeful travel continues to happen, only most of it not bloggishly. This hiatus, although unexpected, is not for ever; the blog could hobble on in dribs n drabs but there’s little point in the occasional thought-provoking nugget appearing here while no one is behind the scenes to take part in the ensuing Interesting Conversation.

So any little lumps of wit, sound judgement, erudition and/or bizarre leavetaking of the senses will wait until September. Or Septemberish. Thanx for your patience.

Add this blog’s feed to your feedreader, or visit in a month, or if you feel like it do both. Meanwhile, Happy August. :0)

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