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Midsummer bat

Tuesday 23 June 2009

Be afraid. Be very afraid.
Well, a little bit afraid maybe?

It’s not Hallowe’en, and the yarn isn’t red. This is therefore a Midsummer Bat.

The pattern is at SweaterBabe, which does quite a nice e-letter, and a blog, as well as its site full of patterns for both knitting and crochet, of which half a dozen of each are free.

I knew i’d forget about this bat if i waited for Hallowe’en – would probably remember on Guy Fawkes’ Night and end up getting round to it for Christmas.

I so HATE weaving in ends, that you’ll notice i haven’t. This allows one to fly the bat into people’s faces as a Midsummer spooky fright (how far can i take this incongruity?) – or i’m thinking of making several and using the ends to tie them into a Christmassy chain…

OK, you have spotted them – my desperate attempts at a pretext for saying the approximate half-hour i spent on this was a sensible way to spend my time.

Perhaps it was. It was tricky, not enormously so (SweaterBabe call it ‘easy intermediate’), but fiddly enough to be good practice. Can i use that excuse?

I have made myself an arthritis aid too – i’ll try and photograph that after i’ve woven in the ends  ;0)  and tell you how, and why. Really, really simple.

And ALSO this morning I made a rose from CrochetSoirée in the same red, which was so quick that rolling and sewing it took longer than the crocheting. That photo didn’t come out.

(Be honest. Did i scare you?)

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