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A pic i’m proud of

Thursday 11 June 2009

‘Proud’ doesn’t quite express it. Bear in mind i’m not a photographer.
I am amazed this came out.

Nothing special? Now look at the closeup …

… and this closeup:

OK, at this definition it does lose something, but i wasn’t even trying very hard.

Finding somewhere to lean my elbow to stop the wobble, and get the right angle, was trickier than the trickiest pool shot. Me happy.

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  1. Friday 12 June 2009 12.32 pm

    I think your site was so great and it is really awesome..Of course it really impress me a lot..

    Good job dude and i hope you can keep it up..

    Good blogging !!

    • Friday 12 June 2009 1.57 pm

      Thanx, Malaysia Travel.

  2. Stuart permalink
    Friday 12 June 2009 12.17 pm

    Brill – might be worth increasing the resolution as default so you can get these tricky pictures? But i guess may then suffer more wobble distortion.

    • Friday 12 June 2009 1.54 pm

      I completely forgot that option – could have changed the setting for this one photo! Oh well. I’ll go n see if that spider’s still there … nope, the web is, but spidey’s in hiding. Thanx for the suggestion, for another time.

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