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Mastery of languages is SO important in the twenty-first century. Isn’t it?

Thursday 7 May 2009
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  1. Thursday 7 May 2009 7.34 pm

    The Klingon word for success (“Q’apla!”) is sufficiently like the game Kerplunk! as to allow any convention attendee to immediately mock people dressed as Klingons.

    Or you can do as I do and wait until they have finished speaking before saying “That’s a nasty cold you’ve got there…”

    • Thursday 7 May 2009 8.09 pm

      And shocking how some colds provoke a skin reaction, innit.

  2. you know who i am permalink
    Thursday 7 May 2009 5.11 pm

    I love serendipity! This just popped up on my Slate feed:


    • Thursday 7 May 2009 8.06 pm

      Fantastic link!

      As a collector of all things verbally foreign, of course i have ‘Teach Yourself Klingon’, but i’m ashamed to say i’ve never put in the hours an alien language requires…

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