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I thought i’d blog about AmazonFail, but i’m not

Tuesday 14 April 2009

Told you i don’t do news. I mustn’t give the impression of thinking about anything current, cos i’d never keep up with a reputation for that.

Instead of Amazon’s apparent non(?)-intentional anti-LGBT policy, which may or may not be something like Facebook’s apparent non(?)-intentional anti-breastfeeding policy, i blog today about the semi-colon.

Richard Nordquist wants to know if we should hang onto the semi-colon. (I wonder if you can guess which way i voted.) The list of quotations on the subject is fun to read.

So. In a spirit of petty enquiry and light-hearted abandon, i’m trying an experiment. If anyone’s reading this, imagine the world depends on you for this decision, and let me know what you’d say. If you’re lucky i’ll analyse the results…

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