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Scary smiley cookie

Tuesday 24 March 2009
The baby white chocolate chip cowered despairingly, knowing the cookie's smile was a deception...

Be gluttonous. Be very gluttonous.

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  1. Monday 30 March 2009 1.44 pm

    Just for a moment there, I thought you might have created a cookie to celebrate the release of “Watchmen”.

    Although it is a bit Rorschach, in it’s way.


    • Monday 30 March 2009 4.24 pm

      Hrum indeed. Thank you for crediting me with that much creativity!

      (Update: hrum? Nay – hurm!)

  2. everyeverything permalink
    Sunday 29 March 2009 10.28 am


    The cookie looks really scary(!)

    I would eat it if i could!!!


    • Sunday 29 March 2009 4.01 pm

      I got there first! ;0)

  3. AlienBaby permalink
    Saturday 28 March 2009 12.32 am

    As long as you’re not deathly ill. Salud

  4. AlienBaby permalink
    Wednesday 25 March 2009 6.07 am

    That is just wrong.

    Are you OK, Mand? Seems you’ve been offline awhile.

    • Wednesday 25 March 2009 10.25 am

      Thanx, Alien; i’m ok, only online in dribs n drabs lately (you noticed!) – no reasons to worrry about. As Arnie used to say, I’LL BE BACK. ;0)

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