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Not what you’d expect a horror novel to make me think about

Monday 16 March 2009

This says something deep about being an island or one of a chain of islands, or not.

‘Recently, Jack had begun to think of what it was to be human. It was like clinging to a cliff face. Your safety line was family, the niches for your hands and feet were your friends. As you climb higher, as you grow, you can look down and see more of the cliff. Understand more of where you have been and where you might be going. But what if the safety line snaps? What if you lose your footing? If you’re lucky, you might find a ledge and spend the rest of your life there, going no higher, becoming no wiser, remaining a child.’

Through a Glass, Darkly by Bill Hussey, pages 249-50

I do believe we all need others. We also all know people can get along without any support network, any ‘safety line’.

This passage explains that getting along. It says what i mean when i argue that managing without – without friends, a network, love – isn’t as good as managing WITH. Even if it can be done, and feels ok. Even if ‘ok’ feels enough and ‘better’ feels like over-ambitious idealism.

It also touches on why children need the safety net of reassurance, encouragement and praise while they venture into the scary unsympathetic world, instead of practice at coping without that support because that’s what they will have to get used to out there.

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  1. Monday 16 March 2009 1.43 pm

    You are good at this, I mean reviewing books and exposing to a level where your blogger can decide whether they want to read that book or not. Neat.

    • Monday 16 March 2009 2.45 pm

      Hm… (relevance?) Thanx.

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