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Captain A-OK Fights Blug-Glub-Glub, and other stories

Tuesday 10 March 2009

One Page Wonders, from Idiots’Books and


My first thought was to try it myself – not only printing, folding, cutting and enjoying, but devising a new story that would work this way.

My second thought was GNHUEEARRGHH.

The one-page wonder book is here to print out, and the instructions are here.

Go for it, erm.

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  1. everyeverything permalink
    Friday 13 March 2009 7.05 pm

    I Like The Video


    • Friday 13 March 2009 8.30 pm

      It’s well done, isn’t it?

  2. Wednesday 11 March 2009 11.41 am

    Hey Mand, thanks for the blog roll link. And congrats on getting to chapter six! Keep going.

    • Wednesday 11 March 2009 12.41 pm

      I must have done that link ages ago – should have told you. Eh up.

  3. Wednesday 11 March 2009 2.48 am

    Thanks for the post. And for the kind words. Robbi and I had a lot of fun putting this together. Tor is going to publish three more in this series, so keep checking in. -Matthew

    • Wednesday 11 March 2009 11.00 am

      I will make a point of not missing them! Thanx for dropping in here. 80)

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