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After the quiz is over (slightly updated)

Saturday 28 February 2009

I know two of the people featured in this TimesOnline article. Well, used to know one slightly, in touch with another on a christmas-cardy level.

I have to say this year’s University Challenge was one of the most exciting finals.

Gail Trimble, Corpus Christi’s captain, looks like what they used to call a mind. Maybe some of the negative comments have been because she’s a brainy (and confident) woman, as opposed to a brainy man; i’m sure some have been triggered by her accent. (Educated? Posh? From the south-east?) But it all ties in with this country’s dislike of successful people. Almost everywhere else, the winner is celebrated. Here, it seems the winner must be dragged down before they start thinking they’re ‘better’.

Get over it, folks. She isn’t claiming to be morally or sexually better, or better at holding her drink or better at nursing or acting or arranging children’s parties. But she IS better than the rest of us at answering those rapid-fire questions, and therefore need not just claim to be. Even that she’s doing a good job of being modest about, and i think it’s a shame she has to be this particular week when she should just be going about hugging herself and thinking ‘I’m clever, ooh,’ with one of those secret smiles.

Those who ARE equally knowedgeable and quick at the questions, i wager, aren’t sneering about her prowess at it.

UPDATE: I’m never this quick with the news – simply chance that i noticed it this morning. (I don’t read newspapers on paper.) Ouch. Corpus Christie are disqualified. There will be blame, and there will be scorn, but as ever i give the benefit of the doubt and am inclined to think it was a genuine mistake. After all, even if you wanted to cheat by not declaring employment, if you’re bright enough to be on University Challenge you’re bright enough to realise someone would pick that up instantly when/if your team won. Oops, three ifs in a sentence.

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  1. you know who i am permalink
    Thursday 5 March 2009 5.54 pm

    heya – send me the password for the bereavement post please. you have my email.

    • Friday 6 March 2009 11.18 am


  2. you know who i am permalink
    Sunday 1 March 2009 6.45 pm

    heh – i bet i can guess which 2 you know. but then i have the unfair advantage of knowing a lot about “mmSeason: the early years”

    • Sunday 1 March 2009 6.55 pm

      Yes, and i know who you am too. ;0)

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