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Not bad pay for 64 words: books worth nearly £18

Friday 27 February 2009

I’m getting to like GUD Magazine. When they’ve reviewed books they give them away – basically a random draw but to enter you have to leave a comment to prove you have at least read the terms, say nominate which monster you would prefer to chew your leg off, or say who you’d like to find lurking in the shadows. Many are open only to North America, but we in the UK and Europe can enter some of them.

Which i did, and won Through a Glass, Darkly by Bill Hussey. It arrived today with in the same envelope a secondhand copy of Read by Dawn Volume 3, which i wasn’t expecting; it was left over from a raffle that no one entered. So that’s a £7.99 book new, plus a £9.99 book used. Depending how you value secondhand books, as a writer i have earned more than 20p per word.

There weren’t hugely many entries, or i’d have had no chance. I am famous for my BAD luck with raffles (though i did once win a pot of talc), cards, dice, etc.

Through a Glass, Darkly is a début novel and looks good judging by the first couple of pages. Read by Dawn contains 28 stories, to go with Scotland’s international horror film festival, Dead by Dawn, and also looks promising. I’m not a reader of horror… though it seems i will be soon.

They’re a friendly bunch at GUD, too.

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  1. icpictures permalink
    Friday 27 February 2009 6.37 pm

    Thanks for the link and I hope you enjoy the books. Through A Glass Darkly is one of the strongest horror debuts you will read.



    • Friday 27 February 2009 8.22 pm

      Welcome here, icpictures, and you’re welcome. I’m steeling myself for TaGD, then…

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