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Monday 2 February 2009

First it was me, then the computer, then me, and now the computer. I’ll be back with you soon… meanwhile picture a nice little Test Card on this page.

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  1. Tuesday 3 February 2009 6.42 pm

    Dear Mand and computer,

    Please get better soon! Sending you warm sunny thoughts from California to warm your frozen toes. Can you imagine? I’m actually jealous of your snow! Were I there, I’d look forward to bundling up, having a cuppa and maybe even some soup. I shall not comment on your swollen bushing dilemma but oh how I laughed upon reading about it .. err… them … um… lol. Please take care!

    I haven’t outgrown my childish delight with snow, even when it’s hard work and a nuisance. And it’s SO pretty. 80) Chocolate digestives go well with the cuppa… Do you ever get snow?
    – mand

  2. Monday 2 February 2009 4.41 pm

    Oh dear. All this poorliness – what we all need – humans, animals and computers = is a few warm spring days.

    • Thursday 12 February 2009 2.35 pm

      Pat: It was a beautiful blue-sky warm-sun day yesterday, and spring is really in the air now even though we still have swathes of snow looking enticing around the village. So it’s lucky i didn’t reply to your comment a week ago when you left it! Sorry – WordPress hasn’t been emailing me when comments arrive. I’ll do something about that.

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