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Not my own words

Friday 23 January 2009

‘Compress a swollen bushing gently with a warm screwdriver.’

Guess where this sentence came from, if you can. I challenge you. (No googling, now.)

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  1. Saturday 14 February 2009 3.07 pm

    Over 20 years ago I used to help my friend who is a piano mover and repairman out of his home, rebuilding pianos, he taught me about the felts “bushings” and that everything you touched had to be at room temperature to keep the piano “being with-out more stress than it was already in”. He said the foot pounds of tension the pianos were in were in the 100,000’s of pounds. He treated those pianos better than his own kids, and they “the kids” were spoiled rotten. Weather this is a piano refrence or not it just reminded me of a time working along side of a master craftsman and thinking how strange and caring he was. Cyril Young was his name , he lives in a small town by Mt. St. Hellens in Washington. I havn’t thought about him for years.

    • Saturday 14 February 2009 6.31 pm

      Welcome to the Travel Hopefully blog, Mark, and well done recognising the context. You’re the only one who did. You have to admit it sounds full of potential to be something… anything… else. ;0) Time spent with any good craftsman is a joy, isn’t it? I wish i had one next door to see to my piano!

      If you see this reply, would you tell me when you commented – as it shows up as 3.07pm 14 February, but i’ve been having some problems with notification of comments. Thanx.

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