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Five lessons learnt so far this year

Monday 5 January 2009
  1. One early night doesn’t compensate for ten late ones. (I knew that! learnt it yet again!)
  2. Dog poo is difficult to get out of carpet. 
    <i>Can't be bothered</i>

    Can't be bothered


  3. Phone calls you’re very scared of making go well when you get round to it.
  4. When the radio is telling you it will be a frosty start and the South East may see a little snow later, you can look out of the window and see snow here in the South West now.
  5. There’s more internet out there than internet time in me, and backlogs are unforgiving.


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  1. sempress permalink
    Wednesday 4 February 2009 7.53 pm

    nice view.. quite calm and good for rest..

    Thanx, sempress.
    – mand

  2. Thursday 8 January 2009 6.43 pm

    Hi returning your visit and enjoyed reading your blog so shall put you on my list so that I can find you easily in future. You sound as though you had a few late nights over Christmas. Isn’t it nice to be back to normal (whatever normal is!)

    Good to see you here, Pat! I’ve been enjoying your blog too. Wonderful pix this week, esp Semerwater. 80)
    – mand

  3. Wednesday 7 January 2009 11.55 pm

    Just remembered a link that I wanted to give you. Mark McGuinness has a fantastic website and blog. He is a poet and also a great advisor on how creative people can use their time wisely.

    Thanx – looks good, and certainly what i need in more than one way. Sympathies with your numb-bum syndrome.
    – mand

  4. Wednesday 7 January 2009 11.47 pm

    Backlogs. I know what you mean. What’s the answer? My bum is exceedingly numb and I’m beginning to wonder if the computer is my best friend. Even the cat comes to “visit” me at the keyboard!

    Bum numbness is a killer! Get someone to massage it…
    – mand

  5. Wednesday 7 January 2009 7.44 pm

    Wow look at those gorgeous buildings! Thanks for posting the photo – and your doggie is gorgeous too. 🙂

    I know she is 80) …and the farmhouse in the pic is of Cotswold stone like most things round here, though we’re not quite in the Cotswolds.
    – mand

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