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At the turn of the year © mmSeason

Friday 26 December 2008

© mmSeason 2008

The old year landed on top of the pile of years with a sigh of relief. It considered, looking back, that it had done well on the whole. The weather hadn’t been consistently bad. Many people had come to terms with the big changes brought by the previous year. It didn’t know if it could take credit for that, but it liked to think it had helped.

The previous year shifted, rustling. ‘Welcome. Congratulations. Can you still see the new chap?’

‘Just gone out of sight. But it looked hopeful.’ The old year felt positive about the state of the world.


‘Not bad, thanks.’

‘You won’t feel right for a bit. Couple of weeks and it’s smoother, and in a few months you’re spot on.’

‘Thanks,’ said the old year.

The previous year continued, ‘There’s a big retrospective tendency twelve months off – I’ve just been subjected to that – but they tell me you settle perfectly from then on.’

The next year down added, ‘It’s true, that’s when you properly start to fit in.’

A voice broke in from some distance below. ‘Takes longer than that. You lot are still separate from each other. You’re not really in shape until that wears off.’

‘Aren’t you all separate, then?’ asked the old year in some alarm.

‘No, no, we merge…’

‘So how do you refer to yourselves?’ asked the previous year.

‘Oh, it’s better when the details have evened out. We remould ourselves according to trends.’

‘But how can you refer to yourselves?’ the old year demanded.

‘Oh… we’re History,’ said the distant voice.


4 Comments leave one →
  1. Saturday 3 January 2009 9.42 pm

    Thanx everyone for your kind words, and best of best things for ’09. 80)

  2. mymilkspilt permalink
    Saturday 3 January 2009 9.32 pm

    This made me smile. I hope the new chap brings all good things for you.

  3. Friday 2 January 2009 3.32 am

    Once again, Mand, it’s always an intriguing and fascinating trip inside your mind 😀 Happiest New Year to you and yours! PS: loved the vids of The Hunt.

  4. Sunday 28 December 2008 9.15 am

    Lovely Mand, really lovely! Good to know that the new chap is hopeful.

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