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This one’s really worth an lol

Thursday 18 December 2008

Web Valuer tells me that this blog is worth $119.

My site is worth


It doesn’t seem to have many of my stats anywhere near correct, comparing with what WordPress shows me. (Site Meter seems to have sent me to Coventry.) But my rank as somewhere beyond seven millionth rings true. At least it admits, ‘Sorry! Compete does not have data available for the selected site(s).’

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  1. Thursday 18 December 2008 8.04 pm

    Okay, I’m an internet moron I guess… I went to the web valuer and put my address in. Nothing. Does that mean I’m worthless? …crying… help?

    How strange. I tried it with your url, and it seems to think nothing’s been typed in.
    Hm. Perhaps their system recognises you as above this kind of silly guesstimate…
    ;0) mand

  2. Thursday 18 December 2008 7.20 pm

    That is cool! Check out this link too Mand, I think you’ll enjoy it!

    Happy Christmas!
    PS: thanks for commenting on my blog, I posted a reply for you….

    Definitely worth another lol! And a CoolYool to you too. 80)
    – mand

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