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Fry delights

Wednesday 10 December 2008

I am so far a twitter virgin. Methinx that may change in the new year, or sometime.

Meanwhile a quotation for you. ‘All bad poetry springs from genuine feeling.’ Stephen Fry (yes, the Stephen Fry, at least as far as i can tell) gave us this with some intelligent commentary on its truth.

I so wish comments were enabled on his blog, so i could ask: what about the sane new agers and the sensibly superstitious (you’ll get that reference if you read his whole post) – but then again, if comments were enabled they’d run to half a dozen pages and i’d never have time to blog about them as well as his blog.

The post i’m linking to today is about #oscarwildeday which i hadn’t known was happening before it happened. Which is good, as i’d have wasted more time if i had. (Always look on the bright side.) The day was a competition for twitting (that can’t be the word? tell me that isn’t the word) genuine Wildean quotations, made-up Wildean quotations, or pix of people being Wildean.

In Fry’s winding-up comments i find: ‘I’m sorry if you haven’t won and feel you should have done.’ What a wise and sensitive thing to say. And well done to him for thinking of something different from ‘All entries were of a really high standard.’

And yep, i know this is a retweet. If it can be without being a tweet.

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