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Mumbai pigeons

Monday 8 December 2008

Something very encouraging and meaningful about the return of the pigeons to the Taj Mahal Hotel. Londoners, of course, would be pleased to have fewer pigeons. Extract your own profundities.

This is a fair moment to mention that i won’t be blogging again about anything topical, even though you get far more traffic that way. My reasons are threefold:

  1. I can’t get to it quick enough, when anything happens.
  2. My skills do not lie in the field of comment, analysis, or political reasoning – certainly not making it an interesting read.
  3. I don’t mind debate, but people who disagree with my life outlook will tend to drop away from my blog, rather than debating. Except the ones who like to quarrel (rather than argue), whom i’d rather did drop away. I’m travelling hopefully towards my own opinion, and want to hear others’ to help me find mine; if i only hear those similar to my own half-formed views, i won’t work out my real views.

Anyway, next time i see an unwelcome pigeon (my favourite bird, btw, and my private nickname for one of my favourite people), i’ll mention to it that India is worth considering if friendly neighbours are important in its choice of location, location, location. In French the word pigeon also means dove. And that’s my last word on any current events. Until i forget and have something to say on a current event.

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