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Friday 28 November 2008

Some people start off liking new things and only later begin to see the drawbacks.

Some start off disliking and only gradually feel comfortable or happy with things.


Is one better than the other?




Can anybody be one of those in some contexts and the other in others? For example, assuming the best of new friends but hating new lodgings on sight, slowly coming to love where they live and be disappointed in friendships?

Or not?

Can anybody be halfway between the two: truly objective on first impressions?


Which are you?


Which do you suppose i am?

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  1. AlienBaby permalink
    Saturday 6 December 2008 10.57 pm

    Boy, it all depends on the context. I’ve gotten more optimistic about meeting new people, I like making new friends, but I usually hate change (jobs, moving, etc).

    I came looking for you, Mand! I missed you on my blog. Why the format change? (Oh no, CHANGE! 😉 )

    How nice that you missed me! I haven’t been very active anywhere online this couple of weeks, but it’s only a blip. (I hope.)

    I don’t like this look (Garland) now – but the mistylook theme (that i started with) seems to be everywhere. I’ll try another soonish and ask people what they think as i did before.

    I’m interested that first impressions depend on the context for you – i wasn’t sure if they did for anyone.

    – mand

  2. mymilkspilt permalink
    Saturday 29 November 2008 10.35 pm

    I don’t know which I am. I think most people are one way or the other, rather than flip-flopping due to context.

    One thing I do know is how I feel in reverse — I tend to anticipate that people won’t like me, rather than the other way around. It’s not very helpful, that – except perhaps it makes me work harder in job interviews!

    And objectivity is a bit of a myth, I fear. We don’t know enough about the universe outside of us or inside of our heads to say objectively whether one is ever objective.

    You and i share that problem of expecting negative reactions! At least it makes positive responses from strangers all the more important. ;0)

    Maybe i shouldn’t have said objective but something like neutral. I wonder if it’s possible to be thoroughly 50/50 about anything on first impressions.

    100% 50/50′? Hm…

    Nice to see you here!

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