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CuteQuote #001

Thursday 13 November 2008

I was told today by Tigger:

‘It’s colder if you fart upwards than downwards.’

It’s to do with aerodynamics… was all i could understand from the ‘elucidation’.

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  1. Catalogue25 permalink
    Thursday 13 November 2008 11.41 pm

    Hello! Thank you so much for the lovely comments on my blog – any communication is always gratefully received, be it praise or criticism. :o)

    I love this quote. I would love to know why this is true… and indeed how it is possible to do either purposefully!


    I don’t think purposefully was what happened. It seemed to be that when you’re sitting and it goes downwards, it warms you, but when you’re rolling on your back with your bum in the air, it cools you. 80D

    Glad you dropped in here, Sophie; call back any time.
    – mand

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