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Not skin deep – © mmSeason

Sunday 2 November 2008

© mmSeason 2008

First the story – and below, its genesis.


Erik the Swede was getting on a bit, but when a mugger swung a flick-knife at him he managed to dodge. He was not killed, but scarred.

In shame he fled south and in the desert of Tunisia joined a band of dropouts. Their first reaction, as everyone else’s, was alarm – but they developed tolerance for his features.

So it was that Erik the Swede found his niche. When they were done with their laddishness, the brigands were pleasant men. And when age conquered him, their gentleness had no limit.



This was kick-started by a crossword puzzle. The Across solutions, read left to right, were:

phenomenal • Eric • Swede • getting on • lacerate • dodge • brigade • stepson • Tunisia • ??? • alarm • drop-outs • tolerance • niche • done • gentleness

The ?? was one I didn’t even note down because I didn’t know what it meant. A word you don’t know doesn’t generate images in your head. But the rest did, and making the most of artistic licence I very quickly came up with the sequence of events above. (Another trick I enjoy for fun is reading across two columns of a newspaper article and, with a little grammatical leeway, making a new narrative out of it.)
What odd muses do you use?
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  1. Sunday 22 February 2009 12.50 pm

    Just read some stories, very good! Like the blog.

    • Sunday 22 February 2009 3.25 pm

      Thanx, FiddlePOP! 80)

  2. Tuesday 11 November 2008 7.19 pm

    laddishness..any excuse to use that word is a good one.

    Actually i just thought it was a word but now you point it out, it is a great one, isn’t it? What would be a more ordinary term for the same thing, in your part of the world?
    – mand

  3. Wednesday 5 November 2008 8.30 pm

    In, at, or to any place ~ private or public ~ that serves food or beverages, no matter the menu…

    That pretty much covers ‘anywhere’ with the minor exception being a rubbish tip or the like.


  4. Tuesday 4 November 2008 8.43 pm

    LOL 😀

    Don’t forget we have an over-coffee-chat-date planned for some point in the future – that should sorta qualify for meeting the musing nomads.

    I’d eat literally anywhere if David Tennant were there.


    I hadn’t forgotten! Looking forward to it. 80)
    – mand
    …Anywhere? – Anywhere?

  5. Tuesday 4 November 2008 4.54 am

    I like to read my tag cloud, one line across at a time, sometimes a few are interesting:

    Australian BBC Cooking
    Devil’s Wind Doctor Who
    Eleventh Doctor Entertainment
    Cooling Global Warming Health Ice
    Meditteranean Musing Nomads
    Obama Palin Personal Poetry

    Guess this makes me a nerd….

    Heh, heh. I’d like to meet the Mediterranean musing nomads.
    Devil’s Wind Doctor Who sounds like an interesting place to eat!
    – mand

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