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ID this plant, please?

Friday 31 October 2008

Last week i saw this at the Cotswold Wildlife Park where they have lovely garden displays (as well as animals). Please tell me if you know what it is:

And a couple of closeups of the leaves in case it helps:


Told you i didn’t know anything about plants!

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  1. Saturday 1 November 2008 5.26 pm

    I don’t either, Mand, but the word ‘frond’ immediately comes to mind. Just a subsconscious reflection of the image. Anyway, the pictures add some good colour to your page. By the way, did you spot any deer?

    Thanx for your thought, Suzan. 80) The plant struck me as i walked by, and i don’t think i’ve seen it before. Actually it didn’t reach out and hit me – need to be careful how i phrase things…

    No deer that day but we did see three running in the field next to our house this week which was wonderful. I’ve seen them down the road (nearly under my car, once!) but not quite so close before.

    Looking at your blogs; presumably you write as Susan Abrahams cos the public is deemed not bright enough to cope with Suzan Abrams? Aagh.

    – mand

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