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My mistake

Friday 24 October 2008

I have learnt something. Nothing and no one in particular taught me it, except for doing it wrong.

The only excuse for using a poll on one’s blog is when you have a genuine question and the readers will want to know the answer to it.

I got carried away. I won’t do it again.

(Anyway only two people responded, and they disagreed with each other. At least that doesn’t land me with any responsbility to pander to the tastes of the masses.)

I’m going to see how i like this theme (Garland) for a week or so and then try one other. And then make my choice and shut up about it. I just don’t want anyone to get here and not recognise me or to feel lost and bewildered.  ;0)

You may feel relieved that i have a juicy long ‘real’ post for you this weekend.

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