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A city of tombs. Tombs? Yes. Mimicking houses, in blocks and streets.

Friday 17 October 2008

I was going to blog about all sorts of topical things but i’m not cut out to be a news reporter; by the time i got my words in order, they were all out of date.

So i’ve chosen the one thing in today’s news that is so un-current that i’m fairly safe mentioning it: ancient Rome. And even that is leaving me behind. This morning’s BBC told me excitedly (or maybe i was projecting excitement onto the newsreader?) that a ‘city of the dead’ has just been found in Rome. Tombs set out in streets like a city. It’s an image that appeals to me.

And by 5pm, that was a diddy little sentence at the bottom of the BBC item about a different archaeological dig in Rome. I think the tomb city is more interesting (i’m not a fan of Russell Crowe or ‘Gladiator’, the reason for this story making the headline), but it’s elbowed aside because it happened earlier. Just shows what the world of news is all about.

I did find the city of tombs on the Associated Press, though, which helps.

The reason i haven’t blogged this week is better than my other October reasons, which have been to do with illness. This week i’ve been seized by prolific creativity. Strange fiction has been glugging out of me like whiskey from the secret stash discovered and poured down the sink by a disapproving auntie. As intoxicating, but not as wasted, as that.  80)  I’m not showing you any… YET… cos i revise a lot, and all my work has to sit in the airing cupboard to prove for at least a few weeks. But at least it’s a good thing to have been sidetracked by.

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  1. thebeardedlady permalink
    Tuesday 21 October 2008 6.31 pm

    Hey Mand,

    Interesting blog. Made me think about the City of the Dead in Cairo. That really is a city of tombs. People live there, work there, though it is incredibly poor, and basically a massive graveyard. I once spent a miserable afternoon there in fifty degree heat watching some guys blowing glass around a furnace. Not recommended. Go in winter, with a guide.

    Well, Cairo is on my to-visit list and i have a friend there so he will be a guide. One day.
    – mand

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