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Wasp in my glass

Monday 22 September 2008

© mmSeason 2002


Like velvet paw
your touch intrudes soft
on my lips, unadmitted
so that in horror and wonder
I explore
until discovering the violator
I recoil appalled
at that softwarm kiss
at the catastrophe you nearly were


but ahead of alarm:
the intimacy
of your insinuating caress.

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  1. Thursday 25 September 2008 11.44 am

    What lovely feedback, thank you; also for dropping in. I have digestive biscuits to go with the dark chocolate…

  2. cmtalbert permalink
    Thursday 25 September 2008 6.17 am

    Just thought I’d drop in over here. I love this poem. It’s fantastic. “The catastrophe you nearly were”. Beautiful line. Makes me think of so many things.


  3. Monday 22 September 2008 7.01 pm

    Oh……the chills!!!!! eeeeuuuuuu….

    Thanks for your post:)

  4. Monday 22 September 2008 6.52 pm

    Thanx, Lilac! This really happened, though it wasn’t a glass but a can of Coke. Not terribly poetic, ringpulls etc.

    I only have a couple of pieces of my own writing up on this blog SO FAR… but it’s a brand-new baby blog, and there are going to be plenty more. 80)

  5. Lilac permalink
    Monday 22 September 2008 6.39 pm

    This is a fantastic poem, I love the appalled recoil from the violating wasp.

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