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Anyone miss me?

Saturday 16 August 2008

If you’re actually reading this blog, please comment on this post so i know you’re there. You can comment anonymously if you like.


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  1. Stuart Christie permalink
    Friday 12 September 2008 11.12 am

    Hi Mand,
    I think the blog is great and I like the layout and homepage style. I especially like the recent mumblings section.

  2. mand permalink
    Wednesday 27 August 2008 3.01 pm

    Hey, there’s someone! 80D I was about to delete this entry as a reminder of my isolation…
    Hope all get well soon, Jackie, and we’ll try n skype sometime in September.

  3. Jackie Griggs permalink
    Wednesday 27 August 2008 5.36 am

    Hi Mand, I think your blog is lovely, read it when you first set it up, and have just rediscovered the weblink so am catching up on your postings now. Have been meaning to email, have a half finished letter which needs attention as well, it will get there some day I hope! Kids and hubby have been sick which has kept me busy and away from the computer (and chronically sleep deprived). Can’t believe its almost September. Will read on and send another communique soon. You are so clever to be doing this, muchos admirationa!

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