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Fishtank gardening is the future

Monday 9 June 2008
I’ve been given a retired 19-litre fishtank. We worked out that it would fetch about £10-15 on eBay, with all the hassle of packaging and taking it to the post office, so it has been donated to me instead.
I have long thought about creating a terrarium for plants, and now i have the chance. The other week i bought a bottle intending it for a bottle garden, but i know better now. It was too small to be a home for more than one or two tiny plants, and a bottle with a narrow neck is the most difficult kind of terrarium to plant up. Not knowing this shows you what a terrarium virgin i am. I’m not arrogant enough to start with the most difficult kind, so i put the idea off to live with the many other ideas whose time is not yet come.
(If anyone has thoughts on a use for a bottle about 8″ long with a flat side for lying on and a longish neck – originally this was for weeing into, presumably by men rather than women – get in touch!)
I’m googling and reading The Houseplant Expert for plants that will like the fishtank and the not-very-brightly-lit space i am going to put it in, will fit into it, will get on well together, and will look good. Having great fun for the moment. I’ll keep you posted (is that why these are called posts?… hm…) as the project progresses.
And if anyone can tell me how to insert a link without the URL name showing in the middle of my sentence, i’d be grateful.
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